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Live Your Best Life! Tackle your student debt & start living!

Live Your Best Life! Tackle your student debt & start living!

ASLR is a private company and does not claim to be affiliated with any Federal, State or Local agencies.  ASLR assists people to obtain Federal Government Student Debt Relief and Consolidation programs by pre-qualifying and submitting required documentation on their behalf. If you would rather not share your information electronically, then call our advisers directly at 888-871-1553. By checking the above box, you consent to be contacted by ASLR or it's affiliates by phone, email or text/SMS at the number(s) listed above even if your number provided on the form above is on a National or State Do Not Call List. In some cases, automated technology may be used to contact you. Your consent does not require you to purchase any goods and/or services. Standard carrier and messaging rates will apply.

ASLA is not the Department of Education, a lender, a debt consolidation Company, or a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  ASLA provides fee based consulting and document preparation services to assist consumers who seek to apply for federal repayment programs and benefits using Department of Education (“DOE”)/approved forms, regulations and or websites.  For a fee the ASLA will assist in data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation of available options and will complete for client’s approval, signature and submission all documents required for federal repayment programs offered by the DOE or its servicers.  All processes and applications are available to client free of charge utilizing DOE and approved servicer websites and information resources.   Additionally, depending on the service(s) selected, ASLA may contact on client’s behalf any Guarantor, servicer or benefit issuing entity to investigate and report any additional options available to Client for client’s selection and approval.  ASLA does not charge fees in advance and Client’s payments for the requested services to ASLA are Ex Post Facto or “After the fact” and are in no way to be considered as payment towards any outstanding Federal debt obligations and ASLA does not imply as such.  ASLA DOES NOT provide assistance or service(s) for Private Student Debt nor do any of the Federal Repayment Programs allow for the consolidation or refinancing of private Student debt.  Any option(s) provided should be considered a (Soft Quote) and are the opinion of trained Advocates and are based on verbal (Not proven factual) statements of information provided by client at time of data collection.  “Soft Quote” is an estimation solely based on the information provided by Client and may be subject to change pending verification of information.  Client should perform in all matters of due diligence in order to verify the qualifying program and statements made by ASLA.

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What The Heck Is Payment Relief? 

Payment Relief can come in various forms; long term, short term or immediate through discharge. The majority of those who qualify for immediate discharge do so because they are either permanently disabled, were misled by their former schools or were attending school when it unexpectedly closed down on them. Short term relief is reserved for those who are public servants or work for certain non-profit organizations. And lastly there's long term relief; this is for those who will not be able to repay their massive debt over the next 20 years due to limited income for their household. This payment relief is usually partial, but can still save borrowers thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Only about 54% of Federal borrowers qualify for some sort of payment relief, and unfortunately due to the complicated application process less than 15% of those have applied. That is a lot of Debt Relief on the table still to be claimed. 

ASLA will do a complete analysis of your Federal debt to see if you qualify for any type of payment relief. And even if you don't qualify, we will let you know so you don't have to keep wondering and click on links with ads like ours! 

So if you would like a no BS answer on whether or not you are entitled to ANY type of payment relief, begin your application today. We can start it via text or phone call; whichever is more convenient. 

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Other Students We've Helped:

I love this company! You will NEVER come across a loan consolidate co. that treats you like family!! I have been down on my luck and they are working with me every step of the way! Thank you ASLA!!

Dedra B.

I have been with this program for 3 years and recently started working with Cassie. She is absolutely amazing and great with staying on top of things. The process every years goes smoothly and only takes about 15 minutes and well worth the time. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Lori N.

Thank You Matt for working with me today!! I was very much a wreck about my student loans due to another company and you turned my day around!! Thank You for your help and support!!

Wendy C.